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Hope for High Conflict Parents

The Illinois Supreme Court has made it easier for co-parents suffering high conflict relationships. With the adoption of Illinois Supreme Court Rule 909, courts can now require parents to use a parenting coordinator to resolve ongoing parenting disagreements. Rule 909 defines “parenting coordination” as “a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process conducted by a licensed mental health or family law professional, which combines assessment, education, case … Continue reading Hope for High Conflict Parents

How to Effectively Navigate Holidays After a Divorce

The “most wonderful time of year” for recently divorced parents can seem like the most stressful time of year. Navigating a multitude of family changes, complex custody schedules, and confusing emotions, the holiday season can be downright dreaded for some recent divorcees. While navigating this time of year can feel overwhelming, remember that you are not alone, as many parents have been in your shoes. … Continue reading How to Effectively Navigate Holidays After a Divorce

Issues Involving the Family Business in Illinois Divorce

Divorce and the Family Business In any divorce case, property needs to be: 1. identified, 2. classified 3. valued, and 4. divided. Identification of property is the act of discovering what’s there. Classification involves determining whether the identified property is marital property to be divided or non-marital property of one of the spouses. The valuation phase puts a number on the property based on its … Continue reading Issues Involving the Family Business in Illinois Divorce

Summer Vacation and Parenting Time

Summer is here, and it’s time to start planning your trips. For many people, this is as simple as turning on the computer and booking plane tickets. For others, it’s a bit more complicated.  When you are co-parenting with a former spouse or partner, there are many more challenges in planning summer vacations and simply figuring out summer schedules for your children. Accordingly, in this … Continue reading Summer Vacation and Parenting Time

How Do I Change A Child Custody Order in Illinois?

Life brings changes. Sometimes those changes are completely unexpected. When it comes to child custody matters, you want to make sure that any unexpected life changes do not cause any issues with your children after a divorce. That is why the family courts in Illinois, as with other states, allow for the modification of child custody orders after a divorce has been finalized.   In this article, we … Continue reading How Do I Change A Child Custody Order in Illinois?

What are the Basic Steps for a Divorce in Illinois?

Divorce is complicated, both emotionally and legally. It requires you to commit to a legal process about which you likely know very little, and all the while, you must deal with the pain and heartbreak that goes with ending a major milestone in your life. To make the divorce process just a little more transparent, we will discuss the main steps in any Illinois divorce … Continue reading What are the Basic Steps for a Divorce in Illinois?

Equal Parenting Time & Relocation

Can I move and still retain 50/50 parenting time in Illinois? Obtaining a 50/50 schedule is often an important step in ensuring that you are a part of your child’s life and get to see them often. Sometimes circumstances change, however, and a move further away from them becomes necessary. When this happens, parents often wonder exactly how far they can move and still retain … Continue reading Equal Parenting Time & Relocation

Moving On: A Primer on Illinois Law Regarding Relocation

How can I relocate with my child after a divorce as a custodial parent?  The end of divorce proceedings is a relief for most parties; however, it is not necessarily the end of legal concerns. This is especially true when children are involved. Custody agreements offer specific terms that both the custodial and noncustodial parent must follow. Failure to adhere to them can result in … Continue reading Moving On: A Primer on Illinois Law Regarding Relocation

Divorce Self Care

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful time for many. A lot of people prefer to avoid divorce at all costs and will often prolong an unhappy marriage. Divorce is expensive, the family is pulled apart, and conflict kicks into overdrive. When it comes down to splitting assets and family division, you see a different side of your former spouse – and yourself. It’s not uncommon … Continue reading Divorce Self Care