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Divorce does not have to be cutthroat and contentious. Many agree to resolve matters peacefully and respectfully. In fact, at Peskind Law Firm, we regularly urge people to set aside their anger and animosity and work together to resolve their issues amicably. Here are some of the ways we help people who want to resolve their issues cooperatively:

• Coaching and advising those negotiating directly with their spouse. We provide support and reference materials for those directly negotiating with their spouse;
• Investigating financial representations to assist in negotiations;
• Participating in mediation, either by attending with the client or by consulting during the mediation process;
• Participating in settlement conferences with both parties and their attorneys;
• Helping to develop creative “out of the box” solutions to help settle cases.

For those working directly with their spouse, we provide valuable reference information, including checklists and outlines. We also give all of our clients a courtesy copy of Mr. Peskind’s book, Divorce in Illinois, which is also a useful guidebook for those resolving issues with their spouse directly.

We promote cooperative problem solving rather than mindless bomb-throwing (figuratively, of course). Most people prefer an amicable divorce. In some instances, people start the case expecting cooperation, but those expectations sour when their spouse becomes unreasonable. When that happens, we are skilled lawyers able to aggressively assert your interests in court. Our firm philosophy is simple: promote settlements whenever possible, but stand and fight for you when cooperation doesn’t work.

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Talented and dedicated attorneys and supporting team members join forces to develop a comprehensive action plan for every case. This team approach underscores Peskind Law Firm’s commitment to providing only the highest level of service to each client. Our reputation for excellence is recognized by both peers and clients alike.

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