Attorneys and Supporting Team

Talented and dedicated attorneys and supporting team members join forces to develop a comprehensive action plan for every case. This team approach underscores Peskind Law Firm’s commitment to providing only the highest level of service to each client. Our reputation for excellence is recognized by both peers and clients alike.

Steven N. Peskind

Principle of Peskind Law Firm

Attorney Steven Peskind is recognized as one of the top attorneys in the nation. Throughout his career, he has been trusted by politicians, judges, professionals,…

Melissa Rister

Certified Public Account/Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Melissa Rister provides an edge for the clients of Peskind Law Firm. We are one of the only family law firms in the nation that have an accountant on staff.

Jenna Adams

Client Liaison/Certified Divorce Coach

Jenna Adams loves to see people excited about their future rather than dreading it! Sometimes people need help focusing on a positive future.

Edward E. Milas

Attorney Profile

Edward Milas is an extraordinary problem solver. He loves to develop strategies to help his clients resolve their legal issues.

Mollie J. Peskind

Attorney Profile

Mollie Peskind has a knack for getting even the most difficult cases resolved. Mollie Peskind has an exceptional ability to think outside the box.

David H. Weiss

Attorney Profile

David excels at complicated and unusual cases that require creativity and tenacity. His proudest moments as an attorney have come from overcoming long odds on cases that seemed impossible; helping his clients achieve extraordinary results.

Samantha Oestreicher


To achieve a successful result for clients, attorneys need immediate access to critical information. Samantha’s innovative thinking has helped Peskind Law firm reach this important goal.

Michelle Alexander

Account Manager

Michelle Alexander is the account manager of the firm. She handles the financial concerns in relation to our clients..

Erika Seibert

Marketing Director

As Director of Marketing at Peskind Law Firm, Erika can be described as the public face of the firm.