Attorneys and Supporting Team

Talented and dedicated attorneys and supporting team members join forces to develop a comprehensive action plan for every case. This team approach underscores Peskind Law Firm’s commitment to providing only the highest level of service to each client. Our reputation for excellence is recognized by both peers and clients alike.

Best Divorce Lawyer in Illinois

Steven N. Peskind

Principal of Peskind Law Firm

Attorney Steven Peskind is recognized as one of the top attorneys in the nation. Throughout his career, he has been trusted by politicians, judges, professionals,…

Edward E. Milas

Senior Associate Attorney

Edward Milas is an extraordinary problem solver. He loves to develop strategies to help his clients resolve their legal issues.

Mollie J. Peskind

Associate Attorney

Mollie Peskind has a knack for getting even the most difficult cases resolved. Mollie Peskind has an exceptional ability to think outside the box.

John P. M. Peskind

Associate Attorney

As a communicator, John P. M. Peskind excels. He is an extraordinary writer and courtroom advocate.

Stephanie Gilbert

Associate Attorney

A fierce advocate for her clients, Stephanie’s attention to detail and professionalism only come second to the individual attention she gives to each client.


Jenna Adams

Client Liaison/Certified Divorce Coach

Jenna Adams loves to see people excited about their future rather than dreading it! Sometimes people need help focusing on a positive future.

Ashley Goldfein


Ashley, who is a certified paralegal, helps our clients throughout the often difficult divorce process. Her passion for helping people is one of the reasons she has chosen the field of family law.

Christin Defino

Christine Defino

Legal Assistant

Christine prides herself on maintaining positive relationships with clients and being able to help alleviate their stress while going through the legal process.