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In 2016 Illinois law changed with regard to child custody. Contested child issues in a divorce are no longer called “child custody” disputes, now they are referred to as “parental responsibility” issues. Now instead of determining which parent has legal custody, parents are instead to determine when the children reside in each parents home, and whether one parent or both decide issues related to religion, education, healthcare, and extracurricular participation. While the labels have been changed the procedures for resolving these disputes remain fairly consistent and are guided by the principle of the “child’s best interest.”

Peskind Law Firm strongly urges our clients to resolve parenting issues in mediation and use the court as a last resort. But if you are forced to go to court, we will be by your side aggressively helping you protect your children’s interests. Our family lawyers possess the legal skills necessary to undertake such difficult cases. Parents throughout Kane County, DuPage County and other counties have trusted us to achieve successful outcomes in their disputes. For clients in Geneva, St. Charles, Naperville, Wheaton, and surrounding cities, Peskind Law Firm resolves to quickly return normalcy to families facing turbulent times. We develop a roadmap for the case based on the client’s objectives then tenaciously pursue those goals.

Parental responsibility cases require careful preparation

If mediation does not result in an agreement, there are several things the judge may do. He or she may appoint a temporary guardian (a specially-trained attorney acting as the “eyes and ears” of the court) who represents your child or children during the proceeding. The guardian speaks with teachers, doctors, friends of the family and others if parenting time or decision making are at issue.

The determination of child custody is based on a legal standard that weighs the best interests of the child. These assessments require a substantial amount of information. Many times the courts will rely on psychologists to conduct evaluations and make recommendations about the best interests of the child.

The psychologist meets with you, your spouse and the child or children (depending upon the ages of the children). The psychologist also observes your interactions with your child or children and administers certain psychological tests to determine whether you or your spouse have any personality disorders or mental illness. A test may also be given to the children to determine their preferences, but they will not be asked directly about which parent they want to live with.

Often cases settle with the help of these trained professionals. Sometimes, cases cannot be resolved and must proceed to court. Our team is highly trained and skilled at preparing contested custody cases for trial.

We are experienced trial lawyers who have knowledge and insight about custody litigation

Parental responsibility (formerly known as custody cases) exact a large toll on families. Resolving issues outside of the courtroom is preferable, but when litigation is necessary, Peskind Law Firm has the experience and determination to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

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