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St. Charles IL Divorce Lawyers

St. Charles IL Divorce Lawyers

Cumulatively, the lawyers at Peskind Law Firm have over 35 years representing people in complex divorce matters. The firm frequently represents business owners, executives and other professionals and their spouses. We regularly help people divide their property, resolve child custody cases, and address issues of maintenance and child support. Illinois law constantly changes. Changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act that took effect in January of 2016 can be found by clicking here. Peskind Law Firm recognizes that family law attorneys are needed in a variety of matters. We welcome clients who have concerns involving issues such as same-sex relationships, assisted reproduction, surrogacy, and other related matters.

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Steven Peskind serves on the Faculty of the American Bar Association Family Law Trial Institute. At the institute, Mr. Peskind teaches other lawyers how to try divorce cases. He has also written the “Family Law Trial Evidence Handbook: Rules and Procedures for Effective Advocacy” published by the American Bar Association.  He has high-level knowledge on all aspects of courtroom trial advocacy. While our goal is to settle cases whenever possible, some cases cannot be settled for a variety of reasons. Our firm has nationally recognized trial lawyers available to help in the event your case cannot be settled.

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