Liars, Cheats, and Scoundrels

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Sometimes people marry someone with little or no integrity. Other times, a spouse’s “dark side” emerges years after the wedding. Regardless of the reasons why some turn on their spouse, the result is the same: an unnecessarily painful divorce. Some examples of bad conduct in a divorce include:

  • Hiding money or property
  • Improper spending or dissipation of assets
  • Misrepresenting his or her income
  • Leveraging child custody to get a financial advantage
  • Intentional reduction of income at the time of the divorce
  • Falsifying Documents
  • Threatening and bullying
  • Intentional delay for tactical advantage
  • Lying generally
  • Parental Alienation
  • “Scorched Earth” Litigation
  • Making false allegations
  • Spying
  • Domestic Violence
  • Gaslighting (trying to make you think you are crazy) and other forms of psychological abuse

Peskind Law Firm has vast experience tackling unscrupulous conduct. We know how to help you protect yourself and your children.

With regard to dishonest financial conduct, our attorneys analyzes income tax returns and reviews other financial documents to determine income. But sometimes that is not enough and we need to dig deeper to find hidden income. When necessary we use investigators and certified fraud examiners to find the missing money.


We also have the brains and toughness to counter domestic bullies. Bullies often hire lawyers like themselves who intimidate to gain better settlements. Our firm does not back down! We neutralize this bad behavior and help you achieve the best possible settlement or court ruling. Bullies in divorce cases are no different than “playground bullies.” If you push back, they tend to become more compliant.

Peskind Law Firm includes very smart lawyers who know the law and are not afraid to go to court to fight for you. We don’t tolerate this conduct, particularly when it is harmful to our clients. We work hard to protect your children and make sure that you receive your fair share. Peskind Law Firm knows how to handle liars, cheats, and scoundrels. If you need our help, contact us at 630-444-0701 or email at

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