Post Decree Disputes

St. Charles Post Decree Dispute Lawyer


After a divorce is concluded, follow up trips to the courthouse sometimes become necessary. These circumstances, known as “post-decree” matters, may include:

  1. The need to modify Child support (increases or decreases);
  2. Reviews of or changes to maintenance orders;
  3. adjustment of parenting time/parenting orders;
  4. Enforcement of court orders;
  5. Vacating or setting aside Judgments based on fraud.

To modify a child support or maintenance order, the person seeking to modify the divorce decree must show “ a substantial change in circumstance.” Sometimes people lose their jobs or can’t keep up with their court-ordered payments. Since the law only permits modifications of installments after formal court proceedings are initiated, it behooves you to file your motion for modification and schedule it for hearing as soon as possible.

In order to modify an order allocating parent decision-making responsibilities, you must wait two years from the date of your Judgment. However, there are exceptions (reach out to our firm to discuss whether your case fits into one of the exceptions). Parenting time may be modified at any time upon a showing of changed circumstances requiring a change to serve the best interests of the child.

Peskind Law Firm is experienced handling even the most complex post-decree issues. If you have questions about whether your post-decree issues can be resolved, we can consult with you regarding your options. While we strive to resolve matters by agreement, sometimes agreements can’t be reached. In that event, our firm has nationally recognized trial lawyers available to litigate the matter in court.

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