Jenna Adams

Client Liaison/Certified Divorce Coach


Jenna AdamsJenna Adams loves to see people excited about their future rather than dreading it!

Sometimes people need help focusing on a positive future. Jenna empowers people and assists them in making good choices. She does this by listening to their concerns and collaborating with them to develop a successful life plan. Additionally, she is a safe and confidential sounding board for those who want to vent about their fears, frustration or general dismay with their circumstances. She is a supportive resource for people in transition.

At Peskind Law Firm, we help our clients both during their divorce and beyond. Divorce coaching promotes feelings of confidence, optimism and a renewed passion for life. Jenna helps people acquire these positive feelings, improving both the divorce experience as well as their future. With Jenna’s help, people set reasonable post-divorce goals and avoid future pitfalls.

For Jenna, the best part of her job is when our clients emotionally grow from the insecurity and anxiety in the early stages of divorce, to a place of confidence and strength. She loves to see people become excited about their future. Jenna believes her greatest strengths lie with her problem solving and listening skills. Her best advice to our clients is to “take a deep breath…every day brings new possibilities, the divorce will not last forever.”

Peskind Law Firm is one of the only law firms providing professional divorce coaching to help clients survive and thrive post-divorce. As a result, our clients are usually more confident and better able to focus on improving their lives.

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