Jenna Adams

Client Liaison/Certified Divorce Coach

Often times men and women feel helpless, overwhelmed, and out of control during and after a divorce. The process can last longer than anticipated which creates more opportunities for men and women to fall into the pitfalls of divorce. Divorce coaching can help to ensure that you are on the right path. Through the partnership of divorce coaching, your vision of life after divorce is realized and pitfalls are avoided. Men and women working with a divorce coach regain confidence and control of their divorce, which in turn makes for better clients and improves the whole experience. The results of divorce coaching are feelings of confidence, optimism and a renewed passion for life.

Jenna Adams, divorce coach, specializes in working with mothers who have supported spouses and raised children while sacrificing their careers and interests for the better of the family. She forms a partnership with her clients to focus on gaining a sense of stability and a plan for their future. At the conclusion of the relationship, the client is confident about the future and is able to focus on the betterment of themselves.

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