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  • "Never hesitate to use Peskind Law Firm for any reason. You cannot say enough how this practice is undoubtedly at the top in our region. They will handle your case as smooth and precise as you expect it to be. Don't waste time and money elsewhere." ~CVM
  • "I hired the Peskind Law firm for my divorce and had the pleasure of having Edward Milas, Mollie Peskind and Steve Peskind work on my case. They helped me navigate through several difficult situations throughout the divorce and always provided me with great legal expertise. I was most satisfied with their professionalism and ability to get me a fair marital settlement. I highly recommend the Peskind Law Firm and particularly appreciate the help of Edward and Mollie." ~ML
  • "Our case was in the ‘system’ for way too long. Steve & Mollie turned our case around. They are extremely thorough and competent professionals who always had my family’s best interests in mind. Our first meeting with Steve, we knew we made the right decision. Steve set the strategy right away with conviction and compassion. Mollie operates with experience beyond her years. She was a pleasure to work with and felt like she was a part of my family. We were always informed and working with her knew we were in very good hands. She never missed a scheduled meeting, always had time to take our calls, gave us hope and remained calm in crisis situations (court). It was our privilege that Steve chose to take our case. We thank GOD for the Peskinds and owe a debt of gratitude to them. How befitting that Thanksgiving is here … So much to be thankful for … so many blessings. And around our table this year, we will be giving thanks to the Peskind Law Firm. God bless you" ~DD
  • My husband and I never anticipated that we could have our rights as parents abruptly taken from us by The Department of Family and Child Services. We could have lost everything- our two young children, our jobs, and everything we have worked for due to the negligence of DCFS. Finding the Peskind Law Firm was the answer to our prayers. Mollie Peskind wasted no time reading through thousands of pages of medical records, researching similar cases, and contacting experts far and wide. Without her, we would have never found the expert physician who testified that our baby boy suffered from metabolic bone disease, not abuse at the hands of his parents. Mollie was always available to respond to my (many) emails and even called on weekends to make sure we were doing ok. She was the perfect coach through our seven month case. Stephen Peskind was the smartest man in the courtroom each and every day of our trial. He was always professional. I hated being in that court room, but Steve always found a way to encourage us to not give up and continue to fight for our family. After seven long months, we won our case because of the Peskind’s. Our children returned home immediately and the Peskind’s celebrated right along with us. I wasn’t just another client- they genuinely cared for our family. Thank you Stephen and Mollie! We will never forget what you did for our family. ~MH
  • “To anyone seeking a law firm with a long standing legal reputation and immense expertise, I would strongly recommend Peskind Law Firm. They supported me through a lengthy and complex process, successfully navigating through the legal process. They not only are on the forefront, but they lead in influencing the legal landscape. Their personal touch, along with thorough diligence and hard work, helped me through the most difficult time in my life. When you get one attorney at Peskind Law Firm, you get all of them.Thank you Edward and the Peskind team!” ~SW
  • “Having very recently gone through a difficult divorce settlement, I highly recommend the Peskind Law Firm. They were recommended to me through my family lawyer and I will always be grateful to him for the recommendation. From the day I walked into Steve Peskind’s office and throughout the entire process, I was treated with sympathy, understanding and respect by everyone I came in contact with. The process ahead was thoroughly and professionally explained to me and options were clearly communicated. The result of all of the hard work, professionalism and dedication by the Peskind team was a settlement I was very pleased with. I would like to personally thank Steve, Edward, Jenna, Michelle, Sheila and Melissa for representing and guiding me through this difficult process with a timely and favorable result. I am very grateful to the entire Peskind group of professionals for their understanding, guidance, advice and professional representation during this difficult process. I would highly recommend the Peskind Firm to anyone who is going through the process of divorce.” ~AS
  • “Thank you to Steve, Mollie, Jenna, Melissa, and the team for supporting me through my divorce. They provided a thorough explanation of events as my case moved through the court. Jenna listened to all my concerns and gave moral support, no matter how much I ranted about the situation. The team provided timely feedback consistently while we worked together for 16 months. They were always honest and professional. I highly recommend that anyone who is getting a divorce in Illinois work with Peskind Law Firm. Also, please read Steven Peskind’s book, “Divorce in Illinois, The legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect”, so you know what is going to happen. It provides a solid foundation to understand the divorce process in Illinois.” ~JO
  • “I am thankful that I chose the Peskind Law Firm to represent me during an incredibly difficult life transition. Steve, Ed and the entire Peskind Law Firm staff were able to make this emotional process as comfortable and seamless as it could possibly be. Both Steve and Ed explained the legal system in understandable terms and prepared me for each step along the way. They were patient, attentive, able to fully answer all my questions (which there were many), address all my concerns and were able to put my mind at ease when the ball was not in my (our) court. I am thrilled with the result which has allowed me to start over and move forward in a positive direction. I would recommend the Peskind Law Firm without reservation.” ~CB
  • “My ordeal started when I came to know that a notice of default had been issued against me. My spouse had filed for divorce in my absence and the following week was the prove-up date for all issues related to divorce, custody, child support, maintenance and everything else. I could not afford an attorney who needed time to warm up and that’s when Mollie Peskind hit the ground running. I found Mollie to be extremely scrupulous with the details, her diligence and retention of the facts paid all the way to the end of this case. The marriage was dissolved but we were able to contest on all relevant issues which is what really mattered. With Mollie in charge it also became very clear, very soon to the opposing counsel that they could not have their way easy.The opposition chose a strategy of attrition, trying to obfuscate the facts and the law as well. I will be ever grateful to the research and understanding that John Peskind provided to tackle this. With John’s help, we were able to fight back and emphasize what the case was NOT about and succeeded in bringing clarity to the real issues of the case. With John’s comprehension of underlying law and his ability to discern the relevant facts we were able to argue that the loopholes, feints and technicalities on which the opposition had based their claims, should not be taken as the basis for judgement.The legal maneuvers and the tactics used by the opposition was enough for anyone to lose themselves. However during those most stressful moments when I thought we were at the lowest of the lows, what was amazing to see and recollect was the integrity and professionalism that Steve and his team conducted themselves with and represented my case. I have an immense regard not only for the Peskind Law Firm but for the entire profession. While this entire ordeal lasted much longer than my anticipation, I believe Steve was very much mindful of my financial situation. I have no doubt that the Peskind Law Firm did everything possible to help minimize my financial burden.Rest assured, when you are with the Peskinds, you are not with rookies, it runs in the family, generations of experience is behind you. They know what they are doing and how they can help. If you chose to be with the Peskind Law Firm you are in safe hands. I wish them all the best!” ~AS
  • “Thank you for all of your help. I truly appreciated your honesty and patience during this process. I know you had to tell me some very difficult things, but it was always with a lot of compassion. I can’t thank you enough for your support. Jenna was always compassionate and helpful. I remember the first day I came in and I was so nervous to be there. Jenna immediately put me at ease offering me a cup of tea and allowing me to pet the dogs. Jenna is an amazing first impression for the whole firm. Then she walked me through the contract and all the paperwork that was necessary to get going. I was again very nervous, and she again put me at ease immediately. Again I can’t thank her enough for all of her help and support and compassion to during this extremely difficult process.” ~KW
  • “This law firm put several of my anxieties about my divorce at ease and made the process as simple for me as possible. They did this by always being very timely in all of their communications and court requirements. Professionalism, hard work, and intelligence with compassion is how I would best describe their approach towards the issues I dealt with during my divorce. They explained things to me very well. They listened to what I needed out of my divorce. And they helped me achieve the goals that were the most realistic, in the cheapest manner possible. I have learned that the people of this law firm know divorce law, have a great deal of experience, and care about their clients.” ~NP
  • “I was referred to the Peskind Law Firm by another Kane County family law lawyer. I am so grateful that they took my case. I came into this divorce after the most traumatic, life changing experience I had ever had. Steve, Mollie, Jenna, Melissa and Michelle were amazing through this entire ordeal. From start to finish they stood by me and helped me to get the best possible outcome I could expect in a horrible situation. Their care and concern for me and my future were second to none. Divorce is never easy but mine was a particularly difficult case due to criminal charges pending on my spouse as well. They represented me with dignity, class, care, concern and expert legal advice to bring about a successful conclusion. I am grateful for all they have done. I would highly recommend this firm if you need any family law services.” ~ST
  • “I am grateful I chose Steven Peskind and The Peskind Law Firm to represent me in my divorce.#1. First Steven Peskind gave me a copy of his book, DIVORCE IN ILLINOIS, The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect. It was an empowering gift. Steven took succinct, savvy and professional to the highest level. He fought for me with all his might with a dash of humor when it went to the ridiculous.#2. Mollie Peskind was a show of force and always there to get the job done.#3. Jenna Adams was my Divorce Coach, deliverer of good and bad tidings and made sure messages were delivered back and forth in a timely manner. I felt like she held my hand through the whole process.#4. Melissa dealt with the black and white. It was hard to argue when she presented facts and figures.#5. I am happy to recommend The Peskind Law Firm. I am happy my divorce is settled and I can move on with my life on my own terms with freedom and family.” ~JL
  • “A dear friend of mine, who is also a family law attorney in Kane County, referred me to your firm. I came to you at a difficult time, and I could not have received better care. A divorce I didn’t want but my husband did…and you walked me through it all; with true and excellent care, grace, experience, knowledge, and representation better than I even could imagined. Steve, Jenna, Sheila, Melissa, Michelle, Mollie, Edward, and anyone I missed that took great care of me…THANK YOU for your very real care and concern. THANK YOU for walking me through the process. I couldn’t have done this, emotionally or legally… leading to what I/we felt was a fair and legal settlement, without you.” ~KG
  • “It is so difficult to go through this life change without being able to trust your life partner. I so appreciate that Steve, Jenna and all at Peskind Law Firm had my back. They were able to manage a very difficult settlement focusing on an equitable solution that protected my future. Steve’s advice was thorough and kept me focused. I am entirely grateful for Steve’s representation of me.” ~PC
  • “I’ve worked with several law firms over quite a few years because of a contentious divorce and I can honestly say that Peskind Law was a standout. Mollie, my attorney was remarkable for several reasons. She is a skilled attorney, a good listener and a nice person. The problem with most client-attorney relationships is the lack of mind share the attorney has outside the few minutes they are working on your case. Mollie was engaged in my case and delivered effective documents and arguments in an extremely efficient manner. When I received my monthly statements, I was surprised to see how much work was accomplished in the time I was billed for. I highly recommend Mollie Peskind and the entire organization.” ~EW
  • “It has been a few years. There is not one day that goes by when I am not grateful and thankful for what and your team did for my son, my husband and myself. My son is in 6th grade and in his first year at middle school. The first trimester has ended and he has earned straight A’s. My son would never have this nor any other opportunity to demonstrate his excellence if not for you. There is nothing that would be seen if what is now largely unseen had not been done with such care, accuracy and precision. Thank you. Thank you for giving me yet another wonderful memory with my son amidst all of the other ones that I would not have if it was not for you.” ~LC
  • “Deciding to file for divorce was a struggle for me. I hemmed and hawed for around eight years before filing. It was a very scary decision after having been married for so long. I called Peskind Law Firm after finding them online. I read their philosophy on family law and felt that they had the experience I would need because of the volatility of my ex-husband. I was right. Steven Peskind was not only professional and knowledgeable but he was compassionate and knew exactly what I was up against. He seemed to truly know what I had gone through and provided a plan for my divorce.But the help did not stop with him. Mollie, Jenna, and Melissa all came alongside me to walk me through the process. Their professional calm and talent kept me calm as well. They knew exactly what to do, when to wait, how to approach each step and also gave guidance as needed.To anyone out there, man or woman, who finds themselves in this difficult situation I would highly recommend this law firm. They know what they’re doing and they care.” ~JM
  • “I was not a particularly easy client as I live out of state and am skeptical of attorneys in general let alone ones I did not get to meet personally. Steven Peskind and Edward Milas are smart, were engaging and they were thorough but most importantly they won my case through winning a subject matter jurisdiction judgment in my favor.” ~JW
  • “I had the pleasure or working with both Steve and Mollie Peskind and I would highly recommend this family based law firm. They are superior to any other firm. I, unfortunately, had negative experiences with previous law firms and wish I had known about Peskind Law Firm sooner. You will not be let down. My husband and I are both professionals and were extremely impressed by, not only Steve and Mollie Peskind, but their entire team.””Other law firms- I encourage you to learn from this exceptional team and model them. Step back, watch and learn. In my field of work, I have a moral, ethical and legal obligation to my patients. I believe the same should apply in your field. Peskind Law Firm does it right. A very well oiled machine. Beyond professional.””Clients- You will not be let down. You are not a number here. Your calls and emails will not be ignored. Your questions will not go unanswered. You will not be told that your attorney “is in a trial and very busy,” each and every time you call. No games here. You never get the run around. Steve and Mollie Peskind personally responded to my emails and calls very promptly. Never did a day go by where I was ignored. They take a collaborative approach w the client and work with you to have a positive outcome. Professionalism, respect, honest work, building rapport w the client is the goal with this firm. This firm takes a team approach and everything is very streamlined. The communication between the secretarial staff, attorneys and clients is clear and effective. These attorneys are thorough and come prepared to court. It is evident in their work””I previously paid thousands and thousands of dollars for poor quality work and poor communication. Peskind Law Firm restored my faith in the legal system. I am beyond impressed. The level of expertise, work ethic and passion for what they do is extraordinary here. No other firm compares. It will be evident in your first meeting and they will continue to impress you until your case is complete. I will continue to recommend them and refer potential clients.” ~N.
  • “We were involved in a very complicated interstate custody dispute. We all know the saying “the chips are down”, and they most certainly were. Once Mr. Peskind became involved in our case, the truth and the facts became clearly and indisputably known. Mr. Peskind was able to completely stop the spousal abuse that had gone on for over five years. He guided us step by step through this complex matter all the way through the step-parent adoption process. We dealt with many attorneys, and suffice it to say Mr. Peskind is head and shoulders above all the rest. He treated us with fairness and dignity. He made certain we understood the legal processes and what each step entailed. In such a stressful time, make certain you have the paramount legal team working for you. We strongly recommend Mr. Peskind to anyone involved in any marital or custody dispute. You will have the very best representing you as you go before the court." ~LH
  • “The Peskind Firm is an amazing team of legal advocates. From the moment we first met with them, there was excellence in their professional demeanor, all while providing a family atmosphere. It was like having a big brother looking out for us. They insured we understood the legal processes and successfully guided us every step of the way. Our goals were their goals. Our fees were not driven up with litigation. Everything they did had a specific purpose which we understood. The Peskind Firm is head and shoulders above any other attorneys with whom we had interactions. We certainly would retain them again.” ~LM
  • “Last August I came to Peskind Law firm to have Steve Peskind take over my case that had dragged on for 7 months already. I was very discouraged at this point that anything would be resolved in a timely manner. Steve was very professional and I felt I could communicate with him unlike a lot of other attorneys I had dealt with. He and his entire staff worked very hard on my case and kept me update. My case was settled in October with a good result for me because Steve had worked so diligently. I had a very good experience and would highly recommend the Peskind Law Firm.” ~CB
  • “Thank you Steve for your support, patience and wonderful legal guidance these last few years. I am grateful to have had you on my side:)” ~SL
  • “My experience with Peskind Law Firm could not have been better. As a custodial parent, I was facing an uphill battle in seeking my ex-spouse’s approval to relocate from Illinois to Ohio. Unexpected circumstances arose which made an out of state move necessary, and a high-conflict relationship with an uncooperative ex-spouse made the situation even more challenging. Vaz K. and the whole Peskind team worked diligently to help me navigate the legal process, first pursuing out-of-Court options with my ex-spouse, then representing me in Court when no settlement could be achieved. Every individual on the Peskind team impressed me with their professionalism, expertise, and compassion during a very difficult process. From the outset, I received focused attention, sound advice, and expert guidance. Not only did the Peskind Law Firm win my Removal case, but they did so demonstrating the highest level of professional integrity and never resorted to slash-and-burn tactics. I would recommend this firm without reservation.” ~JS
  • “Looking back, the most difficult decision ever made was when I filed for divorce. Hard and fast legal decisions pertaining to my son’s safety and welfare warranted during the process. After research and high recommendation, I learned how Peskind Law Firm is highly regarded in family law and more importantly in my case, child custody. Fortunately, I was able to retain them immediately. Despite the tremendous amount of stress associated with divorce, the professionalism that the entire Peskind staff displayed assured me both legally and emotionally. I am so grateful for their protection, compassion and sensitivity during an anxious ridden time. These qualities contributed to the overall integrity of their service, which helped advise and guide decisions that ultimately protect my son and I now and into the future. Thank you so much!!!” ~SBH
  • “Peskind Law Firm and their team of professionals helped me through a difficult and unique situation. Together we worked with other professionals to resolve my personal situation and achieved the results I desired. My thanks to Steve Peskind for taking the time to understand my objective and striving to make it a reality.” ~DD
  • “My experience with the Peskind Law Firm was nothing less than exemplary. Even in the unfortunate and stressful situation of divorce, the team helped me to keep my stress level down and maintain my focus on what was important and what was not. I was in a contested custody battle for my daughter, and being a father, my chances to obtain the custody of my minor child were slim. The “tell it like it is” approach is what I required, and that is exactly what Vazken and Steven did for me. I did not always like what they stated to me, but they were always correct in the guidance and counsel they provided to me. Without their counsel and support, this process would not have had the outcome that was rendered. I truly believe and felt, they always had my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend this team to anyone having to go through the unfortunate proceedings of a divorce and/or custody battle.” ~SR
  • “Peskind’s team-based approach was great; I got the attention I needed when I needed it and my case was handled very professionally from start to finish.” ~JC
  • “The Peskind Law Firm made a very difficult time in my life, more manageable. They advocate for their clients in a professional and caring manner. I have and would highly recommend the Peskind Law Firm team!” ~SB
  • “My case was incredibly complicated, but the Peskind team handled it in an extremely professional manner. Their level of expertise was definitely stretched beyond normal civil territory, but the team’s relentlessness and willingness to help went over and above their normal call of duty. Their mission was more than accomplished. Thank you to everyone at Peskind. My family is forever grateful.” ~AP
  • “I would never have imagined that 10 years later my ex-wife and I would be friends let alone be friendly. We have let go of the past and blended our new lives together in a way many never do. I attribute this in a major way to Mr. Peskind and his team. Beside the legal aspect of my divorce, he played the role of an independent third party that you can’t get from family and friends. He was straightforward, direct and gives you the facts from a neutral perspective. Legally, you can do the research, this firm is the best! Due to a conflict of interest, I was referred to Peskind Law and I am forever grateful. Mr. Peskind is invested in all his clients despite how big or small the case. You will never be thrown aside because your case is too small. He will personally guide your case from beginning to end. This is not the case with all legal firms as my ex-wife experienced. She now admits, you hired the pros, I hired a minor leaguer. Ironically, 50% of the divorce process is keeping your emotions in check and making smart decisions not emotional decisions. Peskind Law Firm will be your legal counselor and your therapist. We all go through this process irrationally, making decisions with our emotions not our minds. Legally, Peskind Law Firm is without a doubt the best. The track record speaks on its own. Where they also separate themselves from the rest is fighting for the best outcome for your long term success, not just today’s victory in court. Mr. Peskind’s formula is simple, “pick and choose the battles because we want to win the war.” If you are looking for an attorney that is without a doubt the best legally, but will keep you in check with reality, look no further. Peskind Law Firm has it all. To quote my ex-wife, “if I had your attorney, I would have kick your ass and been a wealthy woman.” Enough said!” ~MG