Contested and Adult Adoption Attorney St.  Charles


Contested adoptions are especially difficult because the subject matter involves the termination of biological parent rights. These matters are often highly contested.   A contested adoption is one in which the biological parent is contesting the adoption to a new parent(s). Most commonly, this involves a step-parent adopting the biological child of his or her spouse.

In order to terminate the biological parent’s rights, the potential adopter must first show good cause as defined by the Adoption Act and then that the adoption is in the best interest of the minor child(ren). If you are considering adoption of a minor child, our office can help analyze your chances of success given your particular circumstances.

Our office has successfully argued and finalized adoptions on behalf of related parties, step-parents, foster parents and other appropriate parties.

In addition to contested adoptions, our office can also assist in adoptions by consent (agreed) and adult adoptions – any adoption of a person over 18 years of age. If you are considering an adoption, our office can help you determine whether that’s a good option for you, and your family.