John Peskind

Associate Attorney


John PeskindAs a communicator, John Peskind excels. He is an extraordinary writer and courtroom advocate.

John is a superb legal researcher, always able to find the correct legal authority to support his arguments. When other lawyers in the office need support for a position, they call on John’s expertise and research skills. He prides himself on making strong and persuasive legal arguments. His superior communication skills also help him ease his client’s anxiety. John knows that divorce is complex and confusing and it is not unusual for clients to feel overwhelmed. He helps his clients gain confidence by keeping them educated and informed about all aspects of the case.

John enjoys working with the Peskind Law Firm team. He believes that the collective experience of the team members allows a unique opportunity to strategize from multiple perspectives. He observes that working with others at the firm, who each bring their skills and viewpoints, results in successful outcomes more often than not.

John’s best experience since joining the firm was his involvement in an international child custody dispute. John served as co-trial counsel and he argued many of the motions in the case. His research and case analysis helped our client achieve a successful result, resulting in the return of his child.

For John, a great day is when he delivers good news to a client. He knows that people hire Peskind Law Firm because of our record of achieving favorable outcomes. “When my client likes a report I give them about their case, then I know I’m doing my job well..”

He can be contacted via email at