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Due to our increasingly mobile society, parents need to relocate more commonly than in the past. If a divorced or separated parent provides the primary home for a child, that parent must first get permission from the other parent or the court before relocating—whether the move is within the state (more than 25 miles within the state for the Chicago area) or out of state. Relocating is inherently stressful and adding a potential court battle makes the potential move more so.

Peskind Law Firm is a recognized authority on child relocation cases. Steven Peskind successfully argued an important case on child relocation in the Illinois Supreme Court. In the 2003 case of In Re Marriage of Collingbourne, Mr. Peskind prevailed in a case allowing a mother’s petition to move with her young son to another state.  The firm’s achievements in this area of family law have garnered accolades throughout the state and nation.

We represent both parents seeking to move and parents objecting to the other parent’s move.

Our firm helps either parents who are seeking to relocate with a child, or a parent objecting to the other parent’s relocation with the couple’s children. Either way, the emotions are very high for everyone involved. We have the experience to help our clients through this difficult period. Our firm has substantial success both arguing for and against relocation. Whether our client is seeking to move or objecting to the other parent’s move, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our case and the opposing parent’s case and develop strategic plans to enhance the likelihood of success.

Child removal and relocation matters impact every aspect of family life, including:

  • Child’s education, medical care, and relationships with friends and family
  • Parents’ ability to effectively remain in children’s lives
  • Parental responsibility (decision making)

We take issues affecting children very seriously and use our experience, energy, and skill to help our clients advocate for their children’s best interests.

Peskind Law Firm regularly handles complicated matters involving child custody, parental responsibility, child relocation, and other child-related matters. Our significant experience in these matters provides us with the insight to understand both the primary and ancillary issues involved.

Child Custody Relocation Lawyer St. Charles

Mr. Peskind has written on the topic of child custody and relocation for the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education and has spoken nationally at many conferences and meetings regarding trial advocacy in family law cases. The American College of Family Trial Lawyers elected him as one of the top 100 Family Trial Lawyers in the nation because of his experience and reputation handling complex matters involving children and divorce-related financial issues.

While our firm practices primarily in Kane County, DuPage County, and Cook counties, we are selectively available to handle child relocation proceedings in all parts of the state with the assistance of local counsel.

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