Illinois Child Custody Laws

Child Custody Laws in Illinois

Interstate Child Custody DisputesIllinois child custody laws are continually changing. With Illinois joining the rest of the nation by adopting the Uniform Child Custody Act, child custody laws in Illinois encompass a larger breadth of rights, but with that comes more complexities. At the Peskind Law Firm, our attorneys have over 40 years of collective experience helping clients manage these constantly changing laws.

When it comes to Illinois’ child custody laws, you want a firm that understands the laws and offers support in other issues surrounding child custody instances. These issues are not just legal, but are emotional and financial as well.

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Experienced With Illinois Child Custody Laws

Family law is our specialty at the Peskind Law Firm. Steven N. Peskind is the principal attorney at the firm and his experience in family law has garnered national respect, as one of the most knowledgeable family law attorneys in the country. He has been recognized as a leading lawyer since 2003 by The Leading Lawyers Network and has in fact had a book published by the American Bar Association that is referenced by multiple judges throughout Illinois.

It’s not only our experience within the legal aspect of family law that sets us apart. Our team consists of an in house Certified Public Accountant that is there to analyze complex financial and tax information. We don’t have to rely on an outside source for accounting purposes and this benefits our clients in many ways, including lower costs. We also have a Certified Divorce Coach on our team, who can work with you to set realistic goals to accomplish during and after your case.

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