Summer Vacation and Parenting Time

Summer is here, and it’s time to start planning your trips. For many people, this is as simple as turning on the computer and booking plane tickets. For others, it’s a bit more complicated. 

When you are co-parenting with a former spouse or partner, there are many more challenges in planning summer vacations and simply figuring out summer schedules for your children. Accordingly, in this article, we will talk about some ways to more easily handle the pressures that come with planning parenting time during the summer.  

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Common Summer Vacation Scheduling Arrangements

When it comes to making summer plans, your custody schedule should have rules for how the available time is split up during the summer. The following are some common scheduling arrangements that occur during summer break when children are not in school:

No Change in Schedule. Many parents decide to keep the custody schedule the same, even throughout the summer. This can help provide stability for the children but may not be possible for all parents due to work schedules and other responsibilities.

Alternating Holidays. There are several holidays throughout the summer, and many custody schedules share these vacations between each parent.

Weekly. Many co-parents who share custody will do one week on and one week off during the summer. 

Extended Parenting Time for Non-Custodial Parent. This is common when a child lives with one parent full time and the other parent lives far away or out of state. During the school year, it is crucial that the child has a routine and doesn’t miss school or other activities due to traveling long distances to see the other parent. During the summer, the parent who doesn’t have custody during the school year often spends more time with the children over the summer when school is not in session. 

Family Vacations

Many parents plan family vacations during the summer, and it’s helpful if each parent can be flexible so they can each take the children on vacation if they wish.

So, what are some ways to make summer planning as stress-free as possible? Here are some helpful suggestions:

1.) Start Planning Early

Planning summer trips and vacations can be complicated even without custody arrangements. If there is a court-ordered custody arrangement, it’s essential to be organized and plan ahead. 

Remember that you can change things if you have a legal custody agreement that specifies the arrangements if you talk, negotiate, and agree with your former spouse. Hopefully, you can both happily agree to the changes. Hiring an attorney to help mediate these changes is also an option.

2.) Let the Kids Know of the Plans After Both Parents Agree

While many parents want to plan vacations that their kids will love and look forward to, it’s important not to inform them of any plans until they’re set in stone, and the other parent has agreed to the custody arrangement. 

3.) Communicate Early

Another crucial aspect of planning for the summer is communicating with the other parent as soon as possible. This is especially important if you wish to plan a trip or spend time with your children on a day or days that fall on the other parent’s scheduled time.

4.) Negotiate

Unless you have a pre-arranged agreement that gives you custody for the entire summer, you’ll likely have to split time with your children’s other parent. If this is the case, it’s important to determine which dates are most important to you. 

Get Legal Help If Necessary

If you and the other parent have a more flexible custody arrangement and cannot come to an agreement on dates, you may ultimately have to turn to a family law attorney to help you work through the situation. While it’s best to work it out amicably without involving a third party, sometimes that is not possible. An experienced legal professional will assist you in resolving the situation in a healthy and productive way.

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