Be Your Own Valentine

As we enter into the month of love, you may be feeling discouraged or that you have nothing to celebrate. In a culture that romanticizes romance and love, rewrite the narrative and focus on loving yourself! Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is one of the best things you can do, especially during a stressful time like divorce!  

1.) Take time each day to do some form of exercise: Not only is exercise beneficial to your physical health, but it is also a great stress reliever and great for your mental health. Elevate your heart rate to elevate your mood. A revenge body helps as well 😉 

2.) Spend time with animals: Animals help ease tension and stress. Kill two birds with one stone: walk your dog! Time with animals is therapeutic because of their unconditional love for you. Time well spent!   

3.) Develop healthy diversions: Join a book club, take an internet class or develop a new hobby. Learn the guitar or a foreign language. Challenges help us grow and thrive during difficult times. Don’t let yourself rot watching mindless episodes of “The Bachelor.” Stay mentally fit to stay strong. 

4.) Rest when you need to rest: Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself. We all need to recharge. You might find that you are more tired, both mentally and physically, during your divorce. Taking time to rest your body and mind is necessary for mental wellness and physical vigor. 

5.) Never feel guilty about having the blues: This process is hard and unruly, and then if you throw Valentine’s Day into the mix… Ugh. But, it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. Accept, don’t fight, the broad range of your emotions. Let them teach you about yourself and life. 

6.) Lastly, never feel guilty for taking care of yourself: At the end of the day, you must rely on yourself. Whatever self-care looks like for you– JUST DO IT. You are the most important person. You need to take care of yourself before you can care for others. 

The divorce process is a teacher, learn about yourself and use the experience to grow. Stop pining for the past and plan for the future. Love yourself this Valentine’s Day. It’s okay to be your own Valentine. You deserve to be happy!