Divorce and COVID-19: New Challenges and Smart Solutions

Sometimes, no matter how promising the beginning, relationships must come to an end. When a partnership is no longer viable, and the parties involved seek a way out, divorce is the best solution. That doesn’t mean it’s the easiest solution, which can be especially true during the era of COVID-19. While much of society ground to a halt, specific industries can’t do the same – the legal system is one of them. This is good news for individuals looking for a divorce, although the process to obtain one might be a bit different than you’d imagine. But whatever you do, don’t put off a divorce solely because of the pandemic.

Can I get a divorce during the pandemic?

The pandemic has many people understandably concerned about the state of their marriages and whether or not the divorce process is even possible during this unprecedented time. Whether it’s due to the increased time spent indoors, the stress of a pandemic, or merely realizing that marriage is no longer viable for entirely unrelated issues; divorces are not an uncommon request during this time. 

The short answer to this question, in other words, is that, of course, you can begin the divorce process during the pandemic. As mentioned previously, the process itself might be slightly different from what you might envision, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad change. 

Why are divorce rates up during the pandemic? 

It’s not just possible to get a divorce right now – it’s increasingly common. And while the exact drivers behind this spike are still unknown, there are a few likely suspects. Being near other people for long periods can emphasize incompatibilities that can typically be overlooked. Not leaving the house for social events or, for many, even going for work has made it inescapable not to see their partner’s flaws in full force. 

Another issue is the unrelenting stress and disillusionment that the pandemic has wrought. With more free time to examine current habits and reflect upon an ideal “daily life” once restrictions are lifted, it is becoming clear to many that their current partner isn’t someone with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives. This isn’t necessarily anyone’s fault – it’s just a consequence of the current global environment. 

Divorce Proceedings in the COVID-19 Era

Suppose you’re wondering how quickly your divorce can be finalized or have concerns about delays due to the pandemic. In that case, there is good news: many divorces are being completed more quickly than ever before, thanks to Zoom. While not all aspects of a divorce hearing are conducted virtually, it is often possible for conferences to occur via video chat. This eliminates the potential hours spent at a courthouse waiting and makes the entire process more bearable.

Don’t wait on filing for divorce until after the pandemic subsides. There is no specific “end date” to look forward to, and it’s not necessary to put your life on hold in the meantime. An experienced attorney can help you through the divorce process as quickly as possible. Reach out to our team at Peskind Law Firm for more information and to schedule a consultation.