Interstate Child Removal

Here at the Peskind Law Firm, we represent parents looking to move their child out of state and we represent parents objecting to the other parent’s move in interstate child removal cases and disputes. If a divorced parent wants to relocate within the state or out of state, they first have to get permission from the other parent or the court before relocating.

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Interstate Child Removal and Custody Disputes

Under The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), child custody cases are to be heard in the child’s “home state.” The child’s home state as defined by the UCCJEA, is the last state where the child has lived with at least one parent for a period of greater than six months prior to the commencement of the custody action. If a child has not lived in any state for more than six months, then the case defaults to a court in the state where the child as substantial connections.

Our firm has 35 years of experience and success for both litigating for and against child relocation. We work with you to develop practical strategies early on in the case to help increase the chances of success. Our attorneys also work closely with you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our case and of the opposing parent’s case to approaches that enhance the likelihood of success.

Peskind Law Firm Interstate Child Removal

Peskind Law Firm has a substantial amount of experience resolving interstate custody issues. With our knowledge and skills, we will work with you to develop strategies that are not only practical, but increase the chance of success.

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