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The attorneys at the Peskind Law Firm have over 35 years of collective experience providing organized and professional family law services in St. Charles and the Chicago area. We focus on achieving quick and favorable results to the personal challenges our clients face during these trying times. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in matters outside of just litigation and representation.

At the Peskind Law Firm, we take a unique approach to family law and are redefining the process. If you are in need of our family law services or if you have any questions, call us today at 630-444-0701 today. Or fill out the contact form on the right and one of our associates will respond as soon as possible.

Proactive Family Law St. Charles

Here at the Peskind Law Firm, we take a team approach when it comes to handling your divorce case or family matter. Lawyers are trained to be your courtroom advocates and negotiators, however we know that in order to have a successful divorce you need lawyers that can address three of the most common components that intersect in family law matters and those are:

  • Legal Issues
  • Financial Issues
  • Emotional Issues

The team at Peskind Law Firm has the team to assist you in all of these matters in order to truly have a successful divorce. Our team consists of a Certified Public Accountant, to assist you with the financial aspects of your case. We also have a certified divorce coach who develops partnerships with our clients to help them set realistic goals during and after their divorce.

Peskind Family Law St. Charles

The Peskind Law Firm is here to serve you with all the skills and tools needed to help you achieve a successful divorce. If you are in need of our family law St. Charles services, have any questions, or would like to obtain more information, call us today at 630-444-0701 or fill out the contact form on the right and we will respond shortly.

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