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Going through a divorce can be a long, exhausting process. At Peskind Law Firm, our experienced divorce attorneys understand the difficulties you’re going through and can guide you through the legal issues
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There’s a lot to think about when filing for a divorce, such as

A Wheaton divorce attorney can evaluate your situation and help you decide the best path to achieving your goals. Professional legal counsel can strongly affect the outcome of your divorce, whether it’s through mediation or litigation.

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Navigating the Divorce Process

We know that everyone’s circumstances are different and that families each have nuances that require particular strategies when approaching divorce. Amicable divorces make it easier to reach an agreement. When there is conflict involved, however, litigation might be necessary.

At Peskind Law Firm, we have years of experience negotiating divorce settlements. The parties can sometimes reach an agreement without contention, but finances and child custody often lead to an argument. When the parties cannot settle, our attorneys will discuss your objectives with you and build a comprehensive action plan.


Going to court over the terms of a divorce is not always necessary. It won’t be as challenging when a separating couple can discuss their problems and conditions civilly. Our law firm has a certified divorce coach who can assist you with creating realistic goals and coming to the best agreements with your ex-spouse.

Dividing Assets

It’s rare to get through a divorce without a financial disagreement. Our divorce lawyers can help you identify the marital property, divide assets, and determine spousal support to be comfortable in your new life. We’ll be there every step of the way.

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Protecting Your Children

When children are involved in a divorce, the situation goes beyond spousal disputes. You want the best for your child, and we want to help you handle the legal matters you’ll face when deciding on a custody arrangement or child support.

The court will push for mediation, encouraging parents to work things out civilly. If the parents continue to disagree, the judge can choose to assess:

The court can settle the case based on their assessment of these factors. If the case proceeds to court anyway, we can evaluate your case and determine your best options. We’ll listen to your concerns and approach the situation with compassion and understanding.


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Parental Responsibilities

“Parental responsibilities” is the term for child custody in Illinois. The state prefers parents to share responsibilities as much as possible, but a custody battle is sometimes inevitable. Ultimately, the court decides who has the power over matters regarding the child’s upbringing and where they live primarily. Our DuPage County divorce lawyers can aid you in creating a parenting plan that is in your child’s best interest. With our extensive experience in divorce cases, we can confidently represent you in court if necessary.

Parenting Time

Your parenting plan must include a visitation schedule for your child. The laws in Illinois refer to child visitation as “parenting time.” Even if the judge grants one parent full child custody, the other parent can still receive parenting time.

Coming up with the best plan for your children in the middle of a divorce can be daunting. Please consult with our lawyers to find out how to get started on your parenting plan.

Child Support Obligations

The court will decide the amount of child support based on the parents’ incomes and spousal maintenance. Illinois law requires that the court calculate maintenance first, based on the household’s gross income and the length of the marriage. If a spouse receives maintenance payments after the divorce, the law will reduce the amount of child support. We have a CPA at Peskind Law Firm to provide an in-depth analysis of the parties’ finances. Our lawyers can create strategies for the most advantageous settlements with this information.

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"Never hesitate to use Peskind Law Firm for any reason. You cannot say enough how this practice is undoubtedly at the top in our region. They will handle your case as smooth and precise as you expect it to be. Don't waste time and money elsewhere."


"Mollie Peskind helped make a difficult time easier (divorce). She’s caring and compassionate but also was super professional and handled my case with bulldog tenacity. I always felt I was in competent hands and it turned out great for me."


"John took care of my divorce. He and his team are very professional yet easy to talk to. I highly recommend them to anyone that has to go through a divorce."


"I used Peskind Law firm for a sensitive family matter and they were true professionals. I HIGHLY recommend Peskind Law Firm if you're looking for a family/divorce lawyer!"


"Mollie Peskind helped make a difficult time easier (divorce). She’s caring and compassionate but also was super professional and handled my case with bulldog tenacity. I always felt I was in competent hands and it turned out great for me."

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With over 35 years of combined experience in family law, Peskind Law Firm has assisted many clients with divorce cases. We know the complexities of the law, and our team of attorneys will work hard to find solutions to your problems.

We understand how life-altering a divorce can be. It can be hard to stay on track with so much to consider regarding your children and finances. Our divorce attorneys and certified divorce coach can help you decide on realistic goals and the best approach to attain them.

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