Business Divorce Lawyers

Business Divorce Attorneys

The divorce attorneys at Peskind Law Firm have over 35 years of cumulative experience representing people in complex divorce matters. Our divorce attorneys understand that family and divorce laws frequently change, so they are continually dedicated to knowing these changes and how these laws can benefit you.

We work as a team at Peskind Law Firm and are redefining how family law is approached. Our services go beyond litigation and representation to give you as many benefits as possible to help you get through these difficult times. The team here consists of more than just business divorce lawyers to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Experienced Business Divorce Lawyers

One of the many aspects we look into while you’re going through a divorce while owning a business or having a spouse with their own business is determining the income of you or your spouse. This is in part due to tax returns not always providing the information needed to make this determination. However, we often employ business evaluators to determine the value of the business and the income of you or your spouse.

If both spouses are co-owners of a business, a judge typically will not allow both parties to proceed as co-owners unless there is an agreement to do so by both parties. If both spouses choose to leave the business to one or the other, determining the value of the business becomes important in regard to deciding if the spouse who is going to remain the owner wants to buy out the interests and ownership of their partner.

Professional Business Divorce Lawyers

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