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As many of us are aware, divorces can get difficult. They can already be complex enough as it is and when you bring a business into the picture, the issues add on. Here at the Peskind Law Firm, our business divorce attorneys have 40 years of combined experience representing business owners, professionals and executives, and their spouses. Being a business owner while going through a divorce requires extra steps to be taken.

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One of the most challenging parts of going through a divorce while being a business owner or having a business owning spouse is when it comes to determining the income of you or your spouse, because tax returns are not always as informative as needed. Regardless of which party owns the business, we often employ business evaluators to determine the value of the business.

If both parties are co-owners of a business, a judge typically will not allow both parties to continue as co-owners if they do not have an agreement to do so. This is why determining the value of the business is so important, as well as who will continue to operate the business. In doing so, it can be decided if one spouse wants to purchase the interest of the other. This determination can be financial or it can be offset by other property.

Peskind Law Firm Business Divorce Attorneys

Without knowledge of what your spouse is earning through their business with the assistance of trained business divorce attorneys, you may not acquire all that you are legally owed.

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