Why Work with Us?

We are committed to excellence.

Why Work With Us

Ten Reasons…

You have many choices of an attorney to represent you in your family law matter. Why should you consider the Peskind Law Firm to help you through this difficult period? Here are twelve reasons:


  1. We are smart. The lawyers, paralegals and staff members at the Peskind Law Firm are smart and dedicated professionals who stay abreast of the ever changing developments in family law. In fact, Mr. Peskind actually served on the Illinois Family Law Study Committee, a committee appointed by the Illinois legislature to study and recommend changes to Illinois Family Law.
  1. We employ an accountant. We are one of the only divorce firms in Illinois to employ a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst to help analyze complex financial and tax information. Working closely with our lawyers and clients, the accountant helps plan advantageous settlements for our clients. For cases that cannot be settled, the accountant assists the lawyers prepare financial strategies to present at trial.
  1. We are goal oriented. We don’t approach our cases haphazardly. Rather, we think strategically and consider not only your immediate interests but your long term interests as well. We employ a Certified Divorce Coach, who will work with you to help you develop realistic and constructive goals for your future.
  1. We work hard. We are not lazy lawyers. We work very hard to help you through this difficult time. It is not unusual to see the lights on at the Peskind Law Firm early in the morning and late at night. We constantly look for solutions to your problems and never tire of helping our clients.
  1. We work as a team. You don’t just have one person looking out for your interests: you have an entire team behind you. At the Peskind Law Firm, at least two lawyers will have familiarity with your case in addition to a case manager overseeing all aspects of the case.
  1. We are experienced. With over 35 years of cumulative experience, we have encountered many problems and have found many solutions. We are prepared to deal with virtually any problem that confronts you in divorce court.
  1. We respond. Our firm prides itself on providing a high level of service to our clients. We are responsive to our clients’ problems and work hard to resolve them. We communicate regularly to keep you posted on all developments of your case. And, unlike many other lawyers, your calls and emails are returned promptly.
  1. We are professional. At our firm, we don’t believe that petulant and immature tirades in court impress judges. And judges agree! At all times we handle your cases professionally and maturely.
  1. We are creative. We are always looking for “out of the box” solutions for your problems. We are problem solvers, not problem creators.
  1. We are flexible. We work with you to find the best way to approach your case. We are “user-friendly” and make sure that we represent you in a way that works best for you.
  1. We are reliable. The Peskind family has been practicing law in this community for over 50 years. We aren’t going anywhere! Steven Peskind was a past President of the Kane County Bar Association. Our firm is accountable and responsible. We will be here when you need us.
  1. We care. We care deeply about our clients as human beings. We consider your interests holistically, and help you focus on both short and long term goals that are appropriate for you and your family.