The Peskind law Firm successfully enforced a Malaysian child custody order. The firm represented a father whose child was removed by her mother from her home in Malaysia. The mother took the child to Pakistan and later to the United States without permission of the Malaysian court or the father’s knowledge or consent. Upon coming to the United States, the mother filed a petition for dissolution, seeking child custody of the child. Mollie Peskind argued that a child custody order was improper because the Illinois court did not have proper jurisdiction to enter such an order. The court agreed and refused to enter a custody order. The father obtained an order of child custody in Malaysia which he sought to enforce in the Circuit Court of DuPage County under the Uniform Child Custody Enforcement Act. The mother argued that the Malaysian custody order was invalid, in part, because the Malaysian order applied Islamic religious (Sharia) law. On behalf of the father, Peskind Law Firm argued the Malaysian Sharia law incorporated a “best interest of the child” standard similar to Illinois law, and thus the order did not violate Illinois public policy. After a trial (Steven Peskind and John Peskind, trial counsel), the court agreed with the father’s arguments and enforced the Malaysian order, reuniting the child with her father and siblings in Malaysia.