Michael Rizo

Associate Attorney


Michael combines an attention to detail and technical knowledge to analyze complex legal issues. As the old saying goes, “The Devil is in the details…” and so is the money!

Michael’s meticulous review of discovery and subpoenaed information has helped our clients discover a myriad of undisclosed assets and property. He prides himself on his skill as “sleuth” looking for concealed or hard to get information that helps our client’s bottom lines. His investigation goes beyond formal document review, however. He is adept at using resources from the internet to find hard to get information that benefits our clients.

In addition, Michael is no a stranger to the courtroom; he aggressively argues for clients on a variety of issues. Whether arguing before a Judge or compiling the pieces of a financial puzzle, Michael provides top-notch legal services for his clients, ensuring they understand key issues and the circumstances of their case.

Michael is the first to acknowledge the support from his teammates at the Peskind Law Firm Team. He does not hesitate to admit that “the best asset of any attorney is the support and expertise of their colleagues, regardless of the complexity of a matter.” Conversely, Michaels unique skill set benefits all of our team, who frequently rely on Michael’s expert problem solving skills

A self-described technophile, Michael enjoys staying up to date with the latest technology. And he uses those skills to benefit Peskind Law Firm clients. For example, Michael has written software that the firm uses to better represent our clients.

Attention to detail plus technological proficiency: A winning combination.

He can be contacted via email at michael@peskindlaw.com