Melissa Rister

Certified Public Account/Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


Melissa Rister provides an edge for the clients of Peskind Law Firm. We are one of the only family law firms in the nation that have an accountant on staff.

Melissa has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1992, and she is also a certified divorce financial analyst. Her broad financial and forensic accounting background allows us resources that other firms lack. For example, Melissa often discovers undisclosed sources of income or assets. Additionally, she uses her vast knowledge of tax law and financial planning to improve our client’s financial settlements. Our innovative use of an in house accountant not only helps our clients achieve better settlements, it saves them money. Unlike other firms who lack this resource, we don’t need to hire outside accountants and financial planners as consultants.

Melissa helps our clients and lawyers in many ways:

  • She calculates client’s financial needs and establishes budgets for their future financial success.
  • She helps our lawyers organize and analyze financial data;
  • She evaluates settlement proposals;
  • She analyzes the tax impact of settlements and court decrees;
  • She helps discover hidden or unrecognized assets;
  • She studies marital spending to establish a standard of living to determine support and maintenance;
  • She assists our attorneys identify, classify and value assets;
  • When necessary, Melissa assists our lawyers at trial, helping to achieve a successful result.

Melissa enjoys educating and empowering our clients. She values the opportunity to help people understand and make good financial decisions. Melissa provides a huge edge for Peskind Law Firm clients.

She can be contacted via email at