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Mediation involves an open discussion between both parties and a neutral mediator. The mediator does not act as either party’s individual lawyer but instead facilitates a productive conversation about the issues and path required to successfully reach a resolution.

This process may be appropriate if you feel comfortable discussing your situation openly, and you wish to avoid having the court process determine what happens in your matter. The parties ultimately decide the resolution, which gives them the power to control the pace, progress, and process.

Edward Milas, an attorney at Peskind Law Firm, was educated at Northwestern University. He is a highly trained problem solver.

Divorce Mediation Lawyers St. Charles

Talented and dedicated attorneys and supporting team members join forces to develop a comprehensive action plan for every case. This team approach underscores Peskind Law Firm’s commitment to providing only the highest level of service to each client. Our reputation for excellence is recognized by both peers and clients alike.

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