Erika Seibert

Marketing Director


As Director of Marketing at Peskind Law Firm, Erika can be described as the public face of the firm.

Erika’s responsibilities include maintaining and updating Peskind Law Firm social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn), website maintenance and development, blogging and other activities that inform our clients and the public on topics of interest in the area of family law. But beyond that, Erika greets everyone who comes to the firm with a smile and helpful assistance.

Erika is an innovator and a creative force at the firm. She continually develops new approaches to deliver information about Peskind Law Firm’s activities as well as divorce and family law generally. Erika’s thoughtful social media posts also include inspirational messages. Like all team members at Peskind Law Firm, Erika provides emotional support for those going through one of the most difficult times of their life.

Erika is committed to animal welfare. She works in dog rescue and serves that community with the same commitment that she does for the well-being of our clients. But her contributions to our clients are not merely virtual; they also include her personal presence as well. Erika gets the word out positively and encouragingly.

She can be contacted via email at